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Southwest Paintings

I lived in Arizona for several years, and fell in love with everything about the Southwest--the brilliant intense colors of the landscape, the crisp clarity of the air, the immensity of the horizon, and the legends and lore of the Native Americans. All of this, and my very fertile imagination, contributed to these surrealistic paintings of the American Southwest. There is magic in the Southwest. Places where inexplicable things happen. Where rabbits dance. Where coyotes gather in a circle and tell tall tales. Places where, if you stand barefoot and very still on naked earth at night, you can hear the song of the land in the bones of your feet. Places where ancient ruins take on their original shapes and one can hear the voices of another time on the wind.

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Coyote Tale, a painting by Jessica Maring

Coyote is a trickster, and full of tall tales.  Here he is, full of his stories, padding thru a warm Sedona night.  Inspired by Native American mythology and Southwest art, this creature full of legends stealthily crosses from the realm of fantasy  into a real nocturnal high desert landscape.

Urban Coyote, a painting by Jessica Maring

Urban Coyote traipses thru a surrealistic landscape of straight lines and sharp corners, the world as man remakes it, covering the ground with buildings and filling the sky with pollution. Yet this cleverest of nature’s creatures adapts and survives, living in our environment.

Southwestern Zabbit, a painting by Jessica Maring


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Southwestern Zabbit, a distant cousin of the ubiquitous jackelope, is shown here in his native habitat of surreal Southwest art, an Arizona desert one or two planes over from ours.

“Coyote Tale”, Acrylic on Canvas, 20” x 24”

An acrylic painting about a tall-tale-telling coyote

“Urban Coyote”, Acrylic on Canvas, 20” x 24”

An acrylic painting about an urban legend

“Southwestern Zabbit”, Acrylic on Canvas, 20” x 16”

An acrylic painting of an alternate American Southwest

Coyote Tale
Urban Coyote
Southwestern Zabbit