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                                                                                  “’Moose’ or the ‘Mooseman’ as

                                                                                 we liked to call him, came to us after his person died.

                                                                                 We were all reeling from loss. Moose had lost a man

                                                                                 who loved him dearly from the time he was a puppy

                                                                                 until the end of his life. We had lost a dog we loved

                                                                                 dearly from the moment we rescued him until the end

                                                                                 of his life. I don't know what convinced us all to risk

life together after such big losses but it didn’t take long to realize Moose was more than just a dog and we were all lucky to have found each other. Maybe it wasn't luck at all. We just fell in love with each other. When Moose became sick and it was clear he wouldn't be with us much longer we smothered him with love and buried him with broken hearts. Jessie's portrait of Moose brought him back into our lives in a beautiful way. Whenever I look at his face I am reminded of the unconditional love of a dog and the power of love to heal.”

                                                                                                                  --Sheri Whitt


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