About Jessica Maring

Jessica Maring has been an artist since she was old enough to hold a pencil, but took a 20-year detour thru a career in high-tech. On retirement, she returned to her first love and began to paint, first with watercolors, then acrylics, and now oils. Her subject matter and style have varied depending on where she was living. While living in the Southwest she did slightly abstract animals and surreal scenes in the brilliant colors and crisp edges that characterize the natural environment of the Southwest. On returning to California and settling on the coast, she began to paint representational California coastal landscapes in a softer palette more suited to the sea-hazed air and the rich, luscious greenery of the area. She is primarily a studio painter, working from her own photos, shot up and down the coast from Sonoma to Big Sur. She lives with her husband and two cats on a mountaintop in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and is an avid gardener.