“Elkhorn Ranch”, a Painting in Progress

It’s been a hectic summer so far.  I started work on a new commission in mid-July, and learned shortly thereafter that we would be moving.  So my time is divided between painting, and preparation for the move.

I’ve been commissioned by Naturipe to paint a landscape of a strawberry field at Elkhorn Ranch, which backs up against Elkhorn Slough, with the California hills in the background.  It’s a beautiful place.  The day I was there taking photos, a pair of golden eagles were hunting, and once landed fairly close on the posts of an old fence, but I didn’t have the right lens for shooting them, having come equipped only for photographing the landscape.

This is a little 6″ x 8″ color sketch I did of the scene before starting on the actual painting…

6 x 8 color sketch of Elkhorn Ranch

…and below is a photo of the 24″ x 30″ painting, as of today.  The source photos and photos of the painting at various stages from day one can be seen at http://www.jessicmaring.com/work_in_progress.html .

Painting of "Elkhorn Ranch"

"Elkhorn Ranch", 24 x 30, oil painting in progress

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