An Acorn Woodpecker

The Acorn Woodpecker, a painting by Jessica Maring

"Acorn Woodpecker", 10 x 8, Acrylic on Canvas

This acorn woodpecker is one of the first paintings I did on moving into this house.  I paint next to a wall of sliding glass doors that open out onto a garden.  The light is wonderful to paint by, and the bird feeders are right outside, so when I stop to rest my eyes, there’s always a show to watch: acorn woodpeckers vs. stellar jays.  Acorn woodpeckers live in groups and spend their days stuffing acorns into holes into trees and telephone poles.  At least that’s what the bird book says.  However, ours stuff themselves with sunflower seeds, and drink the hummingbirds’ sugar water, hanging upside down from the little perches intended for hummers.  Raucous and not easily intimidated, if they’re around they’re hard to miss.

Three Woodpeckers

Three Woodpeckers


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